Monday, August 12, 2013

Power 19: The Big Three

In an effort to really help me clarify my ideas, I'm going to answer the Power 19, starting with The Big Three.

1.) What is your game about?

Creating a group of characters with both group and individual goals then having the characters attempt to complete those goals.

2.) What do the characters do?

Attempt to complete their goals through whatever means they deem acceptable.

3.) What do the players (including the GM if there is one) do?

The group (including the GM):
Pick a setting, create a group concept and goals for the group.

The players:
Create characters, with their own individual goals, that fit within the group concept. The players then direct their characters through the game world while they attempt to complete their goals. Each player can have multiple characters in a group but can only have one active character at a time during play.

The GM:
Create the game world with assistance from the players and game materials. Determine the difficulties of attempted skill checks with assistance from the game guidelines. Portray entities encountered during play.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Refining my Vision

Besides the RL issues, part of my absence has been due to block. Not exactly writer's block, more like I'm-sick-of-looking-at-this block. I had gotten so frustrated with my game that my brain would shut down every time I looked at the files. In an effort to keep from returning to that state, I've decided to more or less scrap that design and start over. I've been taking it easy. It has mostly all been mental work so far. I spend time really thinking about what I want to accomplish and how to go about doing it. I have a document that I type my ideas into but that's it so far. I have a pretty strong picture of what I want but I really want to clarify it.

This whole thing stemmed out of my frustration with the D20 system. Whenever I came up with a character concept, I couldn't get a good fit with any of the classes. I learned to settle on close enough or, more often, just picked a combination of class, feats and skills that I liked or felt would be most useful and didn't worry about anything else.

In general, I'm trying to design the system that I want to play.

More specifically:
  • I want completely customizable characters and fluid game play.
  • The system will be universal and character oriented. 
  • Advancement will be based on completing goals related to character concepts, not killing things.
  • Resolution will have more emphasis on skill than luck.
  • Anybody can attempt anything, training will determine success.
  • I want to make combat more engaging and natural feeling, not just attack/apply damage/next player.