Friday, November 8, 2013

Holy Improvised Weapons! - Mad Skills and Door Traps

I'm currently reading Mad Skills by Walter Greatshell.

Basic plot - young girl has an accident that causes severe brain damage. Parents sign her up for an experimental treatment that turns her into a super genius. Unfortunately, the group that offered the treatment is super shady(surprise!). They can use her implant to hack her brain and use her as an assassin. She figures out that something is wrong and escapes.

That is as far as I've gotten. It's an okay read but it is getting to a level of weird that I'm not enjoying. One thing that is really interesting is how the author shows her struggle to reconcile the memories and personalities of the three different people she has been; the Maddy before the accident, damaged Maddy and the Maddy after treatment who doesn't fully realize she's now a genius, just that something is different.

Another cool thing about the book is how the main character uses her super brain to create improvised weapons. Some of these could be really awesome to use in a modern game.

The first one she makes is a trap for a door.

"She yanked open the medicine cabinet... - then grabbed a toenail clipper. As heavy boots squish-squashed toward her across the wet carpet, Maddy used the clipper to strip the wires from a curling wand, then twined the bare wires around the brass doorknob and plugged it in. Someone grabbed the knob. There was a bright blue spark and a loud snap, then a scream and a bone-jarring crash."